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Terms and conditions 2013

Article 1: General 

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made with Taurus Holidays, hereafter referred to as TH. If other conditions are applicable to a certain type of holiday accommodation then these are specified by the accommodation description and these conditions supercede those specified here.
  2. The accommodation is being rented from private individual owners and the tenant should at all times comply with the agreed terms and conditions.
  3. Included in the rental agreement is use of the accommodation itself, other facilities (swimming pool(s)), inventory, tools and all other (personal) articles present in the accommodation. In some cases certain areas, for example storage cupboards or private rooms, are not available to the tenant.
  4. The tenant/renter refers to the person who signed the rental agreement with TH. This may also be a person who signed the rental agreement with TH on behalf of somebody else.
  5. Subletting of the accommodation, under any circumstance whatsoever, is not permitted.

Article 2: Reservation and payment 

  1. TH reserves the right to change the price indicated at the time of booking, if the period between booking and the booked period longer is than 7 months. In the event of a price increase the renter has the right to cancel the booking. Amounts already paid to TH by the renter will be refunded in full in this case.
  2. The rental agreement will be drawn up as soon as the booking form (via internet/e-mail, fax or post) is received by TH, or in the case of a telephone booking as soon as this is confirmed by TH. However, TH reserves the right to withdraw the availability of the accommodation – without having to specify a reason – within 48 hours of receipt of the booking form.  TH is not liable for any loss or damage to the renter if this right is exercised, unless this loss is deliberately caused by TH or through negligence on the part of TH. 
  3. Reservations are valid from the day of arrival up to and including the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed between TH and the renter.
  4. TH charges a once-off administration fee of € 15.
  5. Indicated rental prices are due per booking period, unless otherwise specified or agreed upon (e.g. per month in the case of long-term rental).
    1. A booking period may be per day, per week, per month or for a longer period. A weekly rate applies to a period of 7 consecutive days (e.g. Mon. – Sun.). Extra days will be individually billed with a possible reduced rate (e.g. by a stay of 9 days).
  6. The amounts due must be paid in full to the key holder before access to the accommodation is granted. In the case of flight arrival times late at night an exception may be made whereby any monies due must be paid in full to the key holder the day after arrival. The renter is expected to do everything is his/her power to meet this commitment.
  7. Approximately 2 weeks before the commencement of the rental period the renter shall receive the travel documents with the address of the accommodation and the name of the key holder, who will then hand over the key. The renter will also receive a letter outlining the agreements made about the accommodation, for example bed linen (own or rented), final cleaning, deposit etc.
  8. Upon reservation of the holiday accommodation a payment of 50% of the total cost for the rental period is required.

Article 3: Changes by the renter 

  1. If the renter wishes to change the rental agreement this can only be done with written approval from TH. In extreme emergency the renter should contact TH by telephone as a matter of urgency. Changes are not possible, under any circumstances, in the 4 weeks prior to arrival. There will be a change of €10 for every change made to a confirmed booking.
  2. If the renter changes the booking in the 4 weeks prior to arrival the cancellation policy in article 5 applies. 

Article 4: Changes by TH 

  1. TH reserves the right to change the rental agreement in exceptional circumstances, which may include but are not limited to factors which hinder TH in fulfilling the agreement (e.g. the sale of the rental accommodation), or due to circumstances outside the control of TH, for example war, strike action, natural disaster, severe weather conditions or death of the owner(s). If this right in invoked then TH will refund all monies already received. TH is not liable for any additional loss, damage or delay to the renter, unless this loss, damage or delay is deliberately caused by TH or through negligence on the part of TH. 

Article 5: Cancellation by the renter 

  1. If the renter wishes to cancel the rental agreement then in addition to the reservation costs cancellation costs will also apply, which will not exceed the rental amount, unless the renter has a cancellation insurance which will (partially) cover the costs.
  2. Cancellation should always be done during office hours. Cancellations cannot be made outside office hours, this should be done on the next working day (Monday – Friday).
  3. TH is entitled to cancel the agreement if the renter is found to be negligent and/or in breach of any of the terms and conditions outlined.
  4. In the event of a cancellation more than 8 weeks before the arrival date the renter is liable for 50% of the rental amount.
  5. In the event of a cancellation within 8 weeks of the arrival date  the renter is liable for the full rental amount.
  6. In the event of the stay being cut short the renter is liable for the full rental amount. 

Article 6: Travel Insurance and cancellation insurance 

  1. The renter should ensure that he/she has a cancellation insurance policy.
  2. If the renter does have a cancellation insurance policy is the reservation confirmation sufficient evidence if a claim is submitted? The insured amount is the amount specified in the invoice for rent and administration costs.
  3. TH assumes that the renter has AVP (Personal liability insurance). 

Article 7: Additional costs 

  1. The costs of Electricity and water are not included in the rental cost, unless otherwise specified. At the beginning and the end of the rental period the meter readings will be noted by the key holder in the presence of the renter. At the end of the rental period this costs will be deducted from the deposit.
    1. Costs;
    2. Electricity (€ 0,25 per kWh)
    3. Water (€ 0,35 per M³)
  2. The final cleaning costs are € 45.

Article 8: Arrival and departure 

  1. Flying; The arrival(time) is the arrival date communicated to TH (via telephone or e-mail) regardless of any delays of a general nature. The departure time is the day of departure before 24:00, unless otherwise agreed. 
  2. The renter should contact the key holder on the day of arrival at least 2 hours prior to the planned arrival time to inform him of the expected arrival time.
  3. If the arrival time is after 7pm then the renter should contact the key holder via the telephone before 7pm. 

Article 9: Number of people 

  1. The number of people permitted entry to the holiday accommodation may not exceed the number of people specified in the booking form. Changes to the number of people are possible only with prior written consent from TH, in which event TH will apply extra charges. If additional people sleep or camp on the property without the prior consernt of TH then the renter is seen to be in breach of the rental agreement and is liable for any damages.
  2. A penalty of €50,00 per additional person per day will be applied if the renter is found to be in breach of the rental agreement. In addition TH reserves the right to invoice any additional costs for damages. 

Article 10: Final cleaning 

  1. The final cleaning charge is compulsory and the cost as already specified will apply. The renter is obliged to tidy the accommodation before departure (washing up done, fridge empty, rubbish removed).
  2. The owner/key holder has the right to deduct additional cleaning costs from the deposit if the renter does not meet this obligation.. 

Article 11: Deposit 

  1. A condition of rental with TH is that the renter pays a deposit of €150 to the key holder on arrival. The deposit will only be used by TH in the event of extra costs incurred by TH attributable to the renter (e.g. extra cleaning costs, damage, additional persons staying  in the accommodation, excessive noise etc).
  2. TH and the key holder manage the deposit. The payment and refund of the deposit is a matter for the key holder and the renter.  TH accepts no liability for any issues arising out of these transactions. TH is never present when the key holder carries out the final inspection of the property on departure and cannot therefore provide the renter with any details. We advise renters to be present when the key holder carries out the final inspection. If this is not possible, by early departure or departure on an earlier day, we advise the renter to contact the key holder on the day of departure to check if the final inspection was carried out and that everything was found to be in order. The renter should inform the key holder on departure of any known damage caused.
  3. The deposit should be paid in cash on arrival at the accommodation. The key holder will refund the deposit on departure after any deductions for damage etc. In some cases (early departure, departure before end of rental period) the deposit will be refunded after departure, in this case the renter should leave his/her address with the key holder.
  4. The key holder accepts the deposit on behalf of TH. TH cannot make any claim on the deposit and must return it to the key holder on request. After the rental period has expired the deposit can be refunded with the consent of the key holder and TH. This consent should be given within fourteen days of departure. Indeed this consent is not given TH can nevertheless decide to return the deposit.
  5. If TH refuses to give consent to refund the deposit TH shall inform the renter directly. Any questions about deductions from the deposit can be directed to the key holder and/or TH.
  6. Renters with a bank account outside the Netherlands/Belgium should supply TH with the BIC(swift) code and IBAN number of their bank account at the end of the rental period. TH will refund the deposit, minus any extra costs, to the bank account of the renter within 2 weeks of receipt of the bank details. 

Article 12: Swimming pools 

  1. The swimming pools are open from the start of May to the end of September. Exceptions are possible, in which event TH accepts no liability for any damage suffered.
  2. TH is not liable for any accidents in or around the swimming pool.

Article 13: Pets 

  1. Pets are only allowed if TH has given prior consent. If this consent is given then this is explicitly specified in the reservation confirmation. There is an additional €2 per day charge for pets.
  2. In all other cases pets are not permitted and a penalty of €10 per pet per day will apply if the renter is in breach of this. TH also reserves the right to apply additional charges for any damages caused.
  3. If pets are allowed, in accordance with paragraph 1, then the renter is liable for any damage caused by the pets. Pets are not allowed in the garden or the swimming pool area. 

Article 14: Other 

  1. Smoking is not permitted in the holiday accommodation. If ashtrays are provided these are for outside use only.
  2. The renter should remove all rubbish, bottles, paper etc from the accommodation on departure. Dishwashers, washing machines and freezers should be cleaned, emptied and the doors left open.
  3. A copy of the general housekeeping guidelines is available in the accommodation.
  4. In the event of renters causing such excessive nuisance/hindrance/inconvenience that TH feels the continuance of the rental agreement is impossible TH reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement. Any costs resulting from this will be payable by the renter in as far as can be determined that the nuisance is attributable to the renter.
  5. If the key holder receives any complaints about excessive noise the renter will be informed immediately. Failure to modify behaviour may result in a penalty being applied. 

Article 15: Disclaimer 

  1. 1. Any costs arising from damage to the accommodation caused by the renter during the rental period, in whichever form and to whatever extent, must be paid in full to TH. 
  2. 2. Unless otherwise specified than in paragraph 1, TH has no liability for any damage caused by third parties during the rental period. 

Article 16: Liability 

  1. TH has a Turkish AVP insurance (Personal liability insurance) and a DASK insurance (Earthquake insurance). TH does not accept – unless deliberately or though negligence of TH – any responsibility for damage (of any kind) incurred by the renter as a result of the stay in the holiday accommodation unless such a claim is covered by and compensated by the AVP or DASK Insurance.
  2. If TH is for whatever reason liable then TH will honour this obligation.
  3. The renter is reminded that any damage to the accommodation during the rental period will be invoiced, unless it can be proved that the renter is not liable. The renter must pay all damages – also as a result of loss or theft – to TH.
  4. TH is not liable for loss/disadvantage incurred as a result of slight deviations in the rental property of inconveniences, unless these deviations or inconveniences are of such as nature as to radically contradict the rental agreement, in which case the damages payable are limited to the sum of the rental amount.
  5. TH cannot be held responsible for construction activities in the area surrounding the rented property. TH accepts no liability whatsoever for construction activities in the neighbourhood. 

Article 17: Interest and collection costs 

  1. If the renter does not meet his/her financial commitments to TH, then an interest rate of 5% of the total amount per month or part thereof will be applied.
  2. Furthermore the renter must compensate TH for all extrajudicial collection costs with a minimum €50. 

Article 18: Complaints 

  1. Questions, problems or complaints about the rented holiday accommodation should always be addressed to the key holder in the first instance. If the key holder cannot solve the issue to your satisfaction, then the renter should contact TH within 24 hours and during the rental period to allow TH to take appropriate measures. If the complaint is still not satisfactorily resolved then the renter, within 2 weeks of returning to the Netherlands, Belgium or other country, should submit the complaint in writing to TH. This written complaint should outline all relevant details and should be supported by witness statements and/or photographs where possible.
  2. If the renter does not submit the complaint within the period and conditions in paragraph 1, the renter cannot make any further claim for compensation/damages.
  3. By early departure (without consultation or written agreement from TH) from the holiday accommodation the renter must pay the total rental amount due and cannot make any further compensation claims by TH. 

Article 19: Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) 

  1. TH is not a travel agency and is not connected to ANVR or SGR.